Limited Companies

Limited Companies

Trading as a Limited Company has become increasingly popular, due to flexibility, security and tax efficiency.

A Limited Company has a separate legal entity from the owners, even if you own 100% of the shares. The profits and assets of the company belong to it, not you as the shareholder.

Apart from advantages such as limited liability, the main advantage of operating through a limited company are:

  • Low corporation tax
  • Personal assets of shareholders are protected
  • Scope for greater pension scheme contributions through a limited company
  • Greater ability to raise finance with tax beneficial options such as
    • Seed capital relief
    • Business Expansion Scheme
  • Greater flexibility with ownership
  • Options to avail of revenue approved mileage and subsistence rates

McGovern and Associates can register a Limited Company for you, and we look after all your tax needs allowing you to focus solely on your business.