Is it difficult to change accountants to McGovern and Associates?

No it is not difficult. If you are unhappy with your present accountant changing is very simple. You should advise your current accountant by letter or phone call that you are changing accountants to  McGovern and Associates

We will then write to your current accountant and request a copy of your Accounting & Tax records, as well as any paperwork they have belonging to you, which they are obliged by law to give to us to allow us to manage your affairs

When can I change Accountants?

You can change accountant at any time during the year.

Changing Accountant will not spark a Revenue Audit. You are entitled to all working papers and documentation you gave to your previous accountant. You are entitled to receive copies of all Revenue correspondence your Accountant has filed on your behalf.

Will you charge for a initial consultation?

No. Contact us to avail of our free consultation serviceNo. Contact us to avail of our free consultation service

Are your fees expensive?

No, we offer fixed fees linked to the value of what we provide. We provide excellent value for what we do. We agree fixed fees in writing in advance so you always know where you stand before you commit to anything.